I'm not one to complain about food, especially snack food, but I feel as though I have a message for Lay's potato chips.

Lay's has been pushing the envelope when it comes to chip flavors.

Some of the most unique flavor combinations were introduced through contests like the "Do Us a Flavor" pitch contest where U.S. residents could submit their ideas for chip flavors and the top voted ideas would be created. Flamin Hot Dill Pickle and Cappuccino are just two of the many flavors and combinations that Lay's rolled out from these and similar competitions.

Recently, the latest and newest flavor has been released and is making its way towards the grocery shelves.

Let's just say that Lay's has done it again and just in time for fall and winter.

The newest combination is Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. These chips will be released on Monday, October 21 and will only be available for a limited time. As much as tomato soup and grilled cheese is a classic pair, it's about time Lay's introduces something with a little more local flair.

I'm talking of course about New England clam chowder-flavored chips. I mean, it's clearly not the craziest idea when compared to Chicken and Waffles, Wasabi Ginger or even Caesar Salad.

Think about the tasty combination it could be: salty chips and creamy chowder is a flavor match made in heaven. You could even use them to dip into or add to an actual bowl of hot, savory, New England clam chowder to top off the sensational taste.

What do you say, Lay's? I'll even be a taste-tester for the new product if you simply give it a chance. I'm honestly just trying to live my best life and that life needs to have "Chowder Chips" in it.


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