We're all thinking spring at this point and here's what the weather is predicted to be like.

The folks over at The Weather Channel have used all the weather predicting technology they've got to give us an idea of what we can expect weather wise for spring and summer. And it looks pretty good.

I'm excited to say they are reporting "above-average" temperatures for the entire Northeast with Eastern Massachusetts staying warmer than usual from April through June.


Spring is typically a hit or miss kind of season for New England and usually we seem to go from winter straight to summer.

But if meteorologists think spring will be warmer than usual, maybe that means more actual spring-like weather for a change.

I would love a string of upper 60- mid 70 degree days. Those are my favorite.

Unfortunately the "above-average" prediction continues into the summer months as well.

After last summer's crazy humid streak, I don't think I'm on board with another hot summer.

But again, this is New England and that's the kind of weather we've all come to expect.

The long predictions are nice in theory, but I'll keep checking back with our ABC6 meteorologists week after week for a real look at what we'll be seeing around here.

And honestly, next week doesn't look too shabby.

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