We've had the pleasure of doing our shows at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament for a number of years now.  Over the years, we've seen a lot, and we've learned an awful lot about the Portuguese culture. We've seen acts from the traditional folk dancing to Fuel.  But I saw something this year at the feast that I've never seen before.  It was the simplest, most obvious feast hack, I can't believe more people don't do it.  Quite honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed that I never thought of it before seeing it done this year.

Any feast-goer knows that one of the challenges is buying the tickets for food and drinks.  As soon as you walk through the gates, most experienced feasters make a b-line for the ticket machines.  The party and eating can't start until you have tickets in your hands ready to go.

The issue is that everyone is in the same boat.  When it gets busy during peak times the line for the tickets can stretch back pretty darn far.

Here comes your simple hack.  Instead of showing up during peak time to get your tickets, why not stop by earlier in the day to buy them?

While we were doing our radio show Thursday afternoon at the feast, the food and drink stands didn't open until 6.  However, the gates were definitely open.  We saw people brilliantly buying their tickets at 4 or 5 o'clock, popping in quickly to buy their tickets and then leaving.  When they returned later during prime time, they walked right past the ticket line and to the food and drink stands.  So simple, but such a good feast hack!

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