Dozens of guinea pigs were recently surrendered to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) and now the organization needs your help.

It's not every day that so many guinea pigs are dropped off at the RISPCA at one time, but last week guinea pigs in a variety of ages, genders and sadly conditions, were left with the nonprofit animal welfare group, overwhelming their staff and facility.

Now they are asking the public for help in finding foster and adoptive homes for these tiny, furry friends at an event they are calling (Guinea) Pig-A-Palooza.

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Since being surrendered to the RISPCA, the number of guinea pigs has actually grown. Many that arrived initially were pregnant and now new guinea pigs are arriving too.

In total, the RISPCA found themselves with 30 guinea pigs in their East Providence facility and they are hoping to get them into homes as soon as they can.

They will be kicking off their foster and adoptive home search with the Pig-A-Palooza event this Sunday, February 26 from 10 A.M. - 12 Noon at the Rumford Pet Express on Warren Ave in East Providence.

It'll be a chance for prospective families to see all the adorable, adoptable guinea pigs as well as an opportunity for those that can't take them in to make donations for their care.

The RISPCA will host a guinea pig Q&A session for families that are on the fence about adopting one, offer foster care information for those that want to be a temporary home and put out a special guinea pig wishlist of items that can be donated for their continued care.

If you have ever been curious about caring for a guinea pig or want a pet without getting something to big, this is a perfect event to learn more and try not to fall in love with these tiny faces.

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