The world around us is spinning quite fast these days. It's seldom that someone is willing to take the time to look around and help another in need, but one local group of good Samaritans acted against the odds.

On June 29 in Fall River, four people saw an older gentleman in need of a helping hand, so they did what was right.

The man's name is Bill King and he had a flat tire. Monica Trial noticed King down on his luck while running a personal errand and decided to take the situation into her own hands.

Trial works for an organization whose name mirrors the act of kindness delivered: Citizens for Citizens. Its motto is, "We deliver more than just promises."

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"There's a Walgreens across the street from work," Trial said. "I ran across quickly to grab pictures for the Westport Fair photo contest and when I was walking back I saw him (King) driving on his rim. He pulled into the doctor's office next door. I saw him get out of the car to check his tire and he was a slow-moving elderly man. I came into my office and said to my co-workers, 'I think we need to go help this man with a flat tire.' And no questions asked, three others and I walked across to help him change it. He was so happy and so thankful.

"His name was Bill King from Taunton and he told us not to forget his name."

Courtesy Monica Trial
Courtesy Monica Trial

The other three involved were Tom Rogers, Jen Fallon and Mark Aguiar, who assisted with the tire change.

All four were the difference between this man having a terrible day and a brighter day.

It just goes to show that something as simple as helping someone change a tire can truly carry some distance and take the weight off their shoulders. Kudos to the quick response from the Citizens for Citizens crew. May their kindness carry on contagiously in a world that's spinning far too quickly to notice the struggles all around us.

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