Michael asked Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) about her take on the intolerance of both sides when it comes to people with differing political viewpoints.  You can hear the full interview by clicking the YouTube link below.

Senator Elizabeth Warren called the Michael Rock Show this morning to invite people to her town hall meeting Saturday at Noon at Greater New Bedford Voc Tech.

The Senator discussed her bill to fight the opioid crisis not only on the Southcoast, but across the country.  She said that although there are many, many things that Republicans and Democrats disagree on - many of them very important issues - there are also many, many issues that both sides have shared viewpoints.  One of them, says the Senator, is the need for legislation that will put more resources towards the fight against opioids.

"Opioid addiction, and other forms of addiction, they don't just hit Democrats, or just Republicans," says the Senator, "they don't just affect families that are on one side of the political divide or on the other, they're hitting us all.  I'm coming to the point that I believe there aren't many families left in Massachusetts that haven't been touched one way or another by addiction."  --Senator Elizabeth Warren (D)

Michael also asked her about Kanye West.  Hear the interview below.


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