If you plan on having your big day at the Hawthorne Country Club in Dartmouth- you may want to look into some alternative sites.  For the second time in a little over 5 years, the business is closing.

After a handful of rumored reports that the venue would not re-open in the Spring, a current employee confirmed that the venue was indeed closing at the end of the month. According to sources, people who had booked functions at the venue received a letter telling them of the closure and were referred to other venues in the area. Country Club New Bedford said a number of brides have called them in a panic trying to move their summer wedding dates to their venue.

Many folks still remember when the site closed suddenly in November of 2011 after the long-time owner, William Schuler's unexpected death a few months prior. The 54 acre property was sold at auction for 2.5 million dollars.

Current owner, Kevin Santos had noted at the time of purchase that he had no intention of selling the land to developers but a current flurry of rumors now suggest that the land has been sold off and will be developed into homes.

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