Spring is so close we can almost feel it in our bones, but you don't have to wait for warmer temperatures and sunny skies to start seeing those bright and beautiful green patches of grass on the SouthCoast.

If you've ever been to the Dartmouth Towne Center just off Route 6, you may have noticed small patches of AstroTurf along the walkway in front of stores like OfficeMax, Barnes & Noble and LensCrafters. A pair of employees at Barnes & Noble said the AstroTurf has been there for a long time, although they didn't know the exact reason why.

Kari/Townsquare Media

Maybe the patches of fake grass provide a place for relief for dogs accompanying their owners for a trip to the store. Maybe they are a viable alternative to strips of real grass, which would require a little bit of maintenance throughout most of the year as the grass grows. Maybe the AstroTurf is just there to provide aesthetic appeal and a bright spot of summer even when it's cold and dreary on the SouthCoast. Maybe they're even a unique spot for the smallest picnic ever.

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Whatever the reason, the patches of AstroTurf certainly bring a little semblance of SouthCoast summer to the Dartmouth Towne Center year-round, and we certainly need as much of that as we can get this time of year!

Kari/Townsquare Media

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