Yesterday we all lost an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time and if you're like me, you're really missing that hour today.

If you're among those that really hate the time change each year, as this video are not alone.

Last night on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the merits of Daylight Savings Time were called into question and this fantastic clip was made.

In addition to all the adults in this video who are hating the loss of their hour of sleep (and of course the dumb cows that don't know any better), there are parents out there that have been fearing this change for weeks.

Why you may ask? Because kids don't usually deal with DST very well either. Understanding why they are still tired when you're making them get up may not be a concept every three or four year old can wrap their head around. And cranky kids getting used to the time change is no fun for parents.

So there are many reasons to hate the time change. And as I continue to drag this afternoon (and presumably well into the week), I know I'll be cursing it for days!

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