Tired of throwing away your child's old toys? A new program from Hasbro can give them a whole new life.

Hasbro has announced the start of a new, first-of-its-kind, toy recycling pilot program that will turn donated Hasbro games and toys into playgrounds, park benches and flower pots...among other things.

And they're actually making the process for parents very easy.

If you head over to Hasbro.com, there is a page dedicated to the new program.

You join the pilot program, box up the Hasbro toys and games you want to recycle and then print your free shipping label so you can send them back to the toy maker.

And you can donate from anywhere in the contiguous United States, though they hope to expand worldwide if all goes well.

Hasbro is teaming up with TerraCycle, based in Trenton, New Jersey for the program.

TerraCycle already runs a variety of recycling programs that help reuse nearly every type of waste.

And now they'll be making old toys into new playgrounds with the Hasbro Toy Recycling Pilot Program.

So if you're doing any spring cleaning this time of year, now could be the perfect time to get those old toys a new purpose in life!

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