It was a dream come true for thousands of Harry Styles fans on Friday night.

The highly anticipated "Harry's House" was released early Friday morning, and to celebrate in Style, Harry decided to perform the album from beginning to end for an arena filled with Adoring fans.

The event took place on Long Island, New York, at UBS Arena, home of the New York Islanders NHL hockey team.

Amazingly, even though the album was released less than 24 hours before showtime, a vast majority of the audience already knew most of the words to the songs on "Harry's House."  And they let him know it, singing loudly at the top of their lungs.

Styles played live versions of all of the songs on the album, "As it was meant to be listened to," he said, "beginning to end."  The new album took Styles about an hour to play, as he gave a little background information about each track before he played it.  He took a short break, then returned to the stage to sing "Adore You" and "Watermelon Sugar" to end the night.

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Styles wanted to make the event affordable for everyone, so he set ticket prices at an incredibly low $25. Needless to say, the event was completely sold-out. In fact, it's amusing to report that parking for the event at lots surrounding the venue was more than double the actual ticket itself.

Joining the Fun 107 crew at the special Harry Styles event was Sandra Cambra and her eighth-grade daughter. Cambra won the impossible to get tickets by winning Harry-O-Kee. The Westport mom readily admitted on the air that she didn't have any singing skills, but the heart that she put into her performance put her over the top.

As much as Cambra likes Harry Styles, the tickets were really for her daughter.

She took this video of her breaking the news that they were heading to New York to see this one-time event. As you can imagine, the teen broke down with joy.

We were able to catch up with Sandra and her daughter before the show in the Fun 107 section.  It was a night Harry fans won't soon forget.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

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