Well, there is definitely no going to Hogwarts right now.

I swore to never dive into this fantasy series but with so much time at home, I have begun looking for things to keep me entertained – and Harry Potter certainly does that.

Diving into this series means a serious time commitment, which I think is something we all have right now. I am beginning to see what this story is addictive. It really allows you to escape all this crazy stuff going on in the real world.

For those of you that need to get your Harry Potter fix, Wizarding World is doing whatever it can to bring Hogwarts right to you in your home.

Imagine going through the sorting ceremony to find out what Hogwarts school you belong in, with puzzles, quizzes, videos and articles that are fun for the entire family and sure to keep you busy for hours on end.

Even teachers are using this website and reading this series to their students. Yes, teachers, the website has a section dedicated to you and helping you form lesson plans around this amazing fantasy book series.

Now many are asking, what's the cost? Well for many, Harry's first adventure will be free for the month of April. I dove into some of the puzzles on the Harry Potter Home Hub and didn't once get prompted to pay anything. I'm thinking this virtual experience may save many parents' sanity with hours of entertainment for all the wizards in your life.

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