Ever since I came back to Fun 107, I have had the hardest time telling people my new business address. It's not an easy one like Main Street or Ashley Boulevard. As you probably know, the station is located on Sconticut Neck Road. Try giving that to someone over the phone. The first thing out of their mouth is, "Can you spell that?"

There really are a bunch of street names on the SouthCoast that are not easy to pronounce, never mind spell. That is, of course, unless you are from here. I love watching people try to say that street name, "Sconticut Neck."

Here are a few others I found while driving around the SouthCoast:

– Winsegansett Avenue in Fairhaven, a street right off Sconticut Neck Road

– Padanaram Avenue in New Bedford, which is right off of Cove Road. It's where Cove Surf and Turf is located, across from Diary Maid

– Noquochoke Road in Dartmouth

Those are just a few of the hard to say and even harder to remember to spell. You can't sound out how to spell them, either. I tried and that had to use Google to correct myself.

Maybe you live on or near a street that, while it may be easy for you to say, you find yourself having to spell it every time you have to give it out. Let us know some others under this article on our Facebook page.

Why can't we all live on an easy street?

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