Remember that scary standoff 2 Chainz and his tour bus had last month? It's even scarier now. Reports say that there were drugs and guns on the vehicle.

2 Chainz and 10 others were arrested two weeks ago following a show in Oklahoma City when police accused the passengers of smoking marijuana on board. (The bus was originally pulled over for having a busted tail light.) When the passengers and driver refused to let police search the vehicle (cops smelled the smoke), the bus was towed to a police yard while a search warrant was obtained.

Results from that search report are finally being released.

TMZ reports that police found a slew of illegal items on the bus. Some were drug paraphernalia, including metal marijuana grinders (which were "covered in residue"), marijuana pipes, prescription drugs Hydrocodone and Flexeril, rolling papers and scales.

Then there's the scary stuff: a semi-automatic Sig Sauer SP2340 pistol, a Mossberg model 500 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and a semi-automatic Glock.

No weapons or drug possession charges have been filed, possibly because there's no real way to determine which items belonged to whom.

It's not Tity Boi's first run-in with the law, either. He was previously arrested at LAX in June for enjoying his ganja a bit too much. C'mon, 2 Chainz -- get a card!

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