The largest Portuguese party on the planet starts this Thursday night and we're all excited. For anyone who grew up in the 90's you can enjoy the live performance of Candlebox to kick off the Madeira wine, cacoila sandwich, and folkloric dancing festivities.

But the big question remains.  What to wear? You'll notice many of your friends getting dressed up, but I can't stress the importance of comfort enough. When you go to the festa, the main things to keep in mind are:

  • It's Hot- The muggy days of August are in full effect added to the body heat of one hundred thousand people shoulder to shoulder.
  • The Fire- From people smoking cigarettes to the fire pit where skewers of meat are aflame, there must be an element of fire safety.
  • Your Feet: You're walking aimlessly through large crowds, your feet might get stepped on. You should be comfortable.
  • Two hands guy- One for the pop-sec filled with (insert delicious Portuguese meat) and one for the Madeira wine.

So we made a list of must haves before you festa.

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    The Footwear

    You can do socks and sandals or sneakers if you want to be comfortable, but please don't make the mistake of wearing shoes you care about or high heels.  You will get dirty, blisters, stepped on, etc. Be comfortable. who cares if your boyfriend from high school is going to be there. If he's smart, he'll have some comfy shoes on too.

  • Miss Z Photography
    Miss Z Photography


    Bifana grease and Madeira Wine might end up on your shirt. So you can go with a colorful pattern like tie dye so that the stains blend in, or one of the signature "Got Madeira shirts" that you'll find on sale there. Photo courtesy of Miss Z Photography.

  • Deborah Soares, TSM
    Deborah Soares, TSM

    Fanny Pack

    As referenced above, you will need both hands free for food and drink. A purse is too bulky and your pockets probably won't be big enough for tickets, ID, phone and cash. This is the perfect solution. If someone makes fun of your fanny pack, just say "hey, I'm a festa trendsetter."

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    You're going to be tempted to fight the frizz on a muggy night but it is really pointless. So remember, safety first. Forget the hairspray or flammable hair products if you have long hair. Rock the scrunchie, or the Madeira beanie to keep your hair out of your face, your neighbor's cigarette and the fire pit.

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