Is the greatest tight end in NFL history ready to retire? There was a hint that Rob Gronkowski may be considering that option after last night's Super Bowl loss. The 28-year-old Patriots star avoided answering that question last night, but Gronk did say he will be thinking about his football future over the next couple of weeks.

According to, Gronkowski is signed with the Patriots through the 2019 season. Until late last week, he was a question mark for starting in Super Bowl LII, having suffered a concussion two weeks ago in the championship game against Jacksonville. The NFL website also mentioned that Gronk has been placed on season-ending injures three times during his career so far.

After last night's game, Gronkowski was asked if he's considering retirement. He told the reporter that he's not ready to respond to that question at this time. Gronk did say he'll be mulling the future and talking to his teammates in the near future.

Hopefully, we'll see him wearing that No. 87 jersey at Gillette for at least the next couple of seasons.

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