Rob Gronkowski is one of the good guys.  After hearing that Lauren Mezio was hung up in the hospital awaiting her second heart transplant and a new kidney, #87 decided to pay her a visit.

To the casual observer, someone might think that Gronk was visiting an old friend. In reality, it was the first time he'd ever met Lauren Mezio. "Just what the doctor ordered," the All-World Tight End joked with Lauren, "selfies!" Gronk slipped into Jersey Shore mode and stuck out his tongue for the camera. Gronk gave her a big bear hug, "Oh, my God," said Lauren, "I can't believe you're here!" Gronk broke into dancing mode with Lauren...slow dancing mode...mimicking what it would be like to go to the prom with the 6 foot 6, 265 pound giant.

Rob even brought a bunch of goodies and autographed some of them for Lauren and her family. Then, someone tossed him a ball. "Oh...we're spiking?" Gronk asked with all of the innocence of a 12-year-old boy who knows he shouldn't be playing ball in a hospital room...but wants to play anyway. "BOOM!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!" cried Gronk!

After a 45 minute visit, it was time to go.  "Very nice to meet you," Gronk said with sincerity. "Best of luck! Stay strong." are one of the good guys. New England is very lucky to have a guy like you living here.

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