My friend Vanessa posted a photo of her brother on her Facebook page the other day to thank him and the countless other supermarket employees all over the country right now, who are going above and beyond during this unprecedented time for all of us.

If you really think about it, these workers are now our front line heroes during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are coming into contact with numerous people every hour, several hours a day and now for weeks. This is pretty scary stuff knowing that we are all trying our best to stay healthy and safe from the coronavirus.

While being asked to keep social distancing top of mind, what about the individuals who work in the essential workplaces and must still report to their jobs every day?

Vanessa says, "I just wanted to give him some credit in a time when our grocery workers have become some of our heroes! Feel free to share and give Derek some praise." She goes on to say, "Stop & Shop... I hope you know how lucky you are to have Derek working at your Natick, MA store!"

Christine Fox/Townsquare Media
Christine Fox/Townsquare Media

Honestly, this post made my heart melt and I could not agree with my friend Vanessa more. Way to go, Derek! Thank you for doing your best to serve all of us (the public) with kindness. You're appreciated more than you know.

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