A great white shark was spotted off the coast of Duxbury Monday afternoon. Keep calm. It's not another sequel of "Jaws."

According to the Massachusetts State Police, while on patrol out of the Plymouth Air Base, they observed a shark approximately 75-100 yards off the coast in Duxbury. The air crew, Troopers Mark Spencer, Edward Mathurin and Eric Fairchild notified Duxbury Police and Duxbury Harbormaster immediately.

There were many beachgoers and people in the water on the Duxbury Beach.

As a precaution, the beach was closed for approximately one-hour. As more boats approached the area the shark was spotted in, the shark continued swimming Southeast into deeper water.

A member of the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries confirmed the shark to be a Great White Shark, approximately 12-14 feet in length. There were no injuries reported during the evacuation of the beach or from the shark. Still, this is why I don't swim in the ocean.

Watch the video below.

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