It was a brief Great White Shark battle and it was caught on video by a drone operator.

On Monday night video of a couple of great whites interacting in the waters off Chatham surfaced and it didn't appear too friendly.

I love how the smaller of the two sharks is the one to instigate this mini-battle. And seems like the winner as well. The bigger guy swims away rather than take things any further.

According to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy Facebook, this video was more than just a cool shark fight, it was one of the first times researchers got to watch these powerful fish interact socially.

Though sharks often have battle scars on them, seeing a couple of them fight is very rare. Great Whites tend to stick more to themselves and even their mating habits have never been observed.

But clearly sharks do get close to each other once in a while (how else would we get those baby sharks) and this video is some of the first footage of that.

The AWSC says they will be studying it closely to get a better idea about what is really going on in this short clip.

But for the rest of us it's an awesome video of a mini great white fight.

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