This property basically reminds us of a really amazing underground bunker. One that we wouldn't mind getting stuck in at the end of days. 

We came across this listing a couple weeks ago and couldn't get over how nice the inside of this "earth-sheltered" home is. While the property is currently off the market to accommodate guests, it will be back on the market on December 3.

The property sits on just about 12 acres of land and sits at the bottom of a private driveway with woods surrounding the home. The home uses energy efficient natural cooling and heating during respective months and has huge windows that let in tons of light - especially for a home that's essentially built underground.

The home also radiant heating throughout so even though it might look a little "cold", the house will be cozy and warm regardless of the time of year. We loved this house because it's a little bit different and totally beautiful in its own way. Oh, and you could literally garden on your room if you wanted to.

You can find more information about the listing here.

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