Since I don't have kids, I was in the dark about how much it actually costs to go to Disney...But the new price jumps floored me. 

Over the weekend, prices increased at Disneyland in California and at Walt Disney World in Florida.

A single-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom will now cost $129 for adults, $124 for kids 10 and older, and $123 for children 3-9. That means you're looking at a $500 price tag for a family of four on a peak day.

Prices for the park hopper have increased, as have annual passes. Multi-day tickets are usually the cheapest route if you're planning your vacation, but even those are a little more expensive. Now, your cheapest tickets will be for off-peak days and still will run you just about $95 for all age groups.

I feel like my brain started melting looking at all these numbers and doing the math for what it would cost to take a family on a Disney trip. I now understand why people spend months planning, researching, and going nuts with finding deals.


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