I was in a meeting today catching up on all of Fun 107’s upcoming contests, and someone mentioned a place called the Tipsy Toboggan. The name alone triggered my imagination – or ADHD, whichever you prefer – and at that point, I knew I'd be reading the meeting recap later because now my focus was all on the Fall River restaurant. I’m a sucker for historic buildings, cobblestone catches my eye, and include a giant fireplace and I’m there. This place has everything, even an igloo.

After laying my eyes on that spot, the search began. Having just moved here, I figured why not look for the most Instagrammable places on the SouthCoast? As one can assume, I’m a millennial so I have a love for five things: food, fashion, travel, festivals, and concerts. I’m probably not able to do all five of those things right now, so we have to work with what we’ve got.

So I'm asking you about what hotspots I should check out on the SouthCoast. Hit me up via the app chat button on the Fun 107 app, and tell me the most interesting places on the SouthCoast, or maybe even in all of Massachusetts. This could help everyone, because who doesn’t love social media-worthy adventures? If all goes well, I'll create my ultimate SouthCoast bucket list of places I need to check out.

For now, I’ll keep an ear out for interesting places to Google, and I’ll let you know if it leads me anywhere worthy of a Snapchat. We still Snapchat, right? I should probably update my phone for this quest.

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