Traditionally, when a couple gets engaged, the man asks the woman to marry him.  She gets a diamond ring and the planning begins!

Well, sometimes couples decide to things a little untraditionally and that's ok too!  A trend that is becoming more and more popular is women asking men to marry them!  This works for some couples, but not for everyone.  It's all about personal preference of course.  Or, if a woman is just tired of waiting for the man to ask, which many of us can totally relate to, sometimes women feel the need to take their future into their own hands!

So many questions arise in that situation does the woman still get a ring?  Do you surprise the man with a proposal?  Do they both wear a ring?  The truth is, you can do whatever your heart desires!  Everyone's relationship is unique and special and your proposal can be too!  If you want it to be traditional, than it should be, if not, than do whatever makes you happy!  Same goes for planning of the wedding by the way.  It's your one big day, do what makes you happy!  Congrats and happy planning!