Southeastern Massachusetts is the perfect place to meet some of your favorite furry friends. From petting zoos to animal sanctuaries, these animal attractions are sure to entertain the whole family.

You already know all about Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, which has a great area full of friendly farm animals, but here are some others you can visit as well:


Alderbrook Farm

Located on Russells Mills Road in Dartmouth, Alderbrook has been around since 1889 and is open every day starting at 5 a.m. Here you have the freedom to explore the farm and animals on your own, as well as their store that is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, peacock feathers and much more. They are a family owned and run business and they still operate on the honor system for their sales, giving the customers a unique buying experience.


Winslow Animal Sanctuary

Located at 37 Eddy Street in Norton, Winslow Animal Sanctuary is special because all of their animals have been rescued from abandonment or mistreatment, and given a new home in their sanctuary. It offers a very open area, allowing the animals freedom to come up and meet you as they please and helping the animals learn how to trust again. Open since 1996, they are a non-profit and charitable organization.

Courtesy Capron Park Zoo

Capron Park Zoo

A playground and zoo hybrid, as well as being located in a spacious park, Capron Park Zoo has it all. A fan favorite includes their splash pad playspace, which is a water playground, perfect for hot summer days. Located at 201 County Street in Attleboro.

NRT's Sheep Pasture/Facebook

NRT’s Sheep Pasture

Found at 307 Main Street in North Easton, NRT’s Sheep Pasture is comprised of multiple walking trails through many habitats, meadows, streams, and pastures that are home to many farm animals, with sheep being the main attraction. Some of the other animals you may see along your walk include chicken, cows, goats, and geese. They also have environmental education programs for all ages. They are a member-supported and non-profit organization.