A new line of hemp soaks launches today at Unplugged Float Essentials in New Bedford. 

If you haven't heard of Unplugged Float Essentials in New Bedford, they bring the total body relaxation of sensory deprivation to the Southcoast. Usually, with sensory deprivation soaks, customers will lay in warm water in complete silence in a tank, suspended in an Epsom salt soak. A lot of athletes us float therapy to soothe their muscles, promote sleep, and to just fully relax.

Because visits to float tanks aren't always accessible to the average person, Unplugged Float Essentials sells a line of soaks that you can use right in your own home. Their newest product is a hemp-derived soak that is organically grown in the U.S. The hemp soak has therapeutic salts, CBD oil, and hundreds of other bio-active substances.

The hemp soaks come in different varieties like the Pawn, King, Queen, and Knight soak that have different essential oils.

Unplugged Float Essentials | IG
Unplugged Float Essentials | IG

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