Ash Wednesday happens to fall on Valentine’s Day this year. If you suffer from Christian guilt and are unable to attend mass, don’t worry. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is hosting two “Ashes to Go” events to make your holy day of obligation more expedient and convenient. So, you and your Valentine can make a pit stop between work and dinner. “Just drive up to one of these locations and we will pray with you and mark your forehead with ashes as we begin this Holy Season:

10 a.m.-noon: “Ashes to Go” at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 136 Rivet Street, New Bedford (corner of County and Rivet.) Just drive into the Parking Lot.

3:30-5:30 p.m.: “Ashes to Go” at Big Value, 718 Dartmouth Street, Dartmouth.”

I noticed this service was available last year and even drove by Big Value on my way to mass at St. Mary's Church in Dartmouth. Did I feel tempted to stop and participate in "Ashes to Go" so I didn't have to sit through an hour-long mass? Maybe a little. But I kinda felt like that was cheating, so I kept on driving.

However, with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine's Day this year, I could understand why some would rather take their ashes to go so that they can still celebrate the holiday with their loved ones at a reasonable time.

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