Super Bowl 52 can't come fast enough.

Everything aspect of the televised game is entertaining, right down to the minor details. I enjoy looking for the obscure things and caught on camera moments that make watching the Super Bowl more interesting and fun.

One of the "activities" my buddies and I enjoy doing is "Prop Bets" (not for the money of course.... that would be illegal). Now, if you're familiar with the normal/ popular prop bets such as "What color Gatorade will be poured over the winning team's head coach?" or "Who will win the coin toss?" then you understand how the game works. However, I enjoy taking prop bets to the next level by making them as ridiculous and obscure as possible to add to the entertainment of the "Easter-egg hunt" metaphorically speaking of course).

If you and your friends/family plan on taking prop bets for the Patriots VS. Eagles game... feel free to add these weird predictions listed below to your list.

"Gazelle's 7 Prop Bet Predictions":

1.) A fan will run out onto the field during gameplay (Yes or No).

2.) A wardrobe malfunction will happen during the half-time show (Yes or No).

3.) Which quarter will a "Dilly Dilly" Bud Light commercial air?

4.) Will the New England Patriot Cheerleaders wear skirts or pants?

5.) Justin Timberlake will open up his performance with "Filthy" (Yes or No).

6.) What color will Tom Brady's gloves be?

7.) Gronk will give a celebratory "Piggie-Back" ride to another teammate (Yes or No).


-We know the temperature will be frigid, but will there be snow (Yes or No)?

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