Finally, something different to have a little summertime fun.

Last Saturday, Fun 107 and I broadcast live from Clark's Cove for the official grand opening of the new Altitude H20 Water Park.

During our time there, I couldn't resist the urge to hit the giant floating inflatables and decided to "dive" right in. From afar, the park appears pretty large, and once you're on it, it appears twice as big.

First off, I will warn you that as much fun as I had that day, it was also quite the workout.

Before you even get onto the main floating obstacle, you have to first swim to it from the beach. I was surprised to see there was no seaweed and the rocks were groomed from the ocean floor. Still, it was a bit tiring to get out to the park to begin with.

Between pulling myself up a rope wall, crawling across obstacles, swinging across monkey bars and simply keeping my balance on a slippery inflatable pad whilst waves rolled on through beneath–not to sound punny or anything, but I was wiped out.

Photo Credit- James Walker Jr.
James Walker, Jr./Townsquare Media

The life jackets worked wonders, especially since I was too tired to attempt to stay afloat on my own in the water. I was at ease knowing there were multiple lifeguards watching every corner of the park.

Is it worth the $20-$30 admission for a single or double session? Absolutely, yes.

I showed my age that day by tiring myself out after a solid 10 minutes of running around, but it's nice to have something completely different to entertain the residents of New Bedford and the SouthCoast.

So, if you've been wondering if you should check it out or not, I think you'd be more entertained than you initially thought. And it even comes with a solid workout for no extra cost.

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