If you're ever on Martha's Vineyard and you're feeling adventurous, I'm not saying you should jump off of the Jaws bridge, but I did and it was a rush.

On the Edgartown-Oaks Bluffs line is the American Legion Memorial Bridge where the famous Jaws movie was filmed back in the '70s. Yes, there's a sign says "No Jumping or Diving From Bridge" and "Keep Off Bridge Rail," but that doesn't stop the locals and visiting tourists. In a way, it's a sort of right of passage and after my eighth or ninth visit to the island, it was finally time:

Jumping without watching someone else do it first is always nerve-racking and had me hesitant for a bit, but once I hit the water, all of my worries went away. Now, I will say this: the current was very strong and it was a little difficult getting out since the waterway is surrounded by a rock jetty on either side.

Lucky for me, a local who was nearby fishing showed me the "sweet spot" which is located more towards the Edgartown side and a good 40-50 feet from the right jetty. Thankfully it was high tide, but even at 6-4 and 300 pounds, I didn't come close to the bottom. Basically, if I was safe from hitting the sandy ocean floor, you will be too for the most part.

After I dried off on the windy and brisk 55-60 degree day, I looked back upon the spot where I had jumped and smiled. It was something I've been dying to knock off of my bucket list and I'm glad I finally had the courage to jump.

Next time I'll attempt it from the top of the railing like the kids do as they back flip and cannonball from it. That's a whole other level for another trip to this gorgeous island. As for now, it's onto the next adventure that life throws my way. Summer 2021 has arrived and I couldn't think of a better way to kick it off by jumping off of Jaws bridge.

Go big or go home.

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