Last week, we told you about the latest trend in Wareham. Town officials are trying to distance themselves from a slogan that has been around for decades. Traditionally, Wareham has been known as "The Gateway to the Cape." Wareham has announced, however, that the new slogan will be "It's Better Before the Bridges."

The reaction to the new slogan has been a little cool. Many people that I've talked to weren't really sure why a new slogan was necessary, and why this particular new slogan was chosen as "the one."

"It sounds like they went into a kindergarten class and asked the kids what the town's slogan should be," said Gateway Tavern owner Joe Sauro. "It doesn't even sound like an adult thought it up."

Townsquare Media

As a display of their displeasure for the town's new slogan, the Gateway Tavern has used its state-of-the-art signage in front of the restaurant to troll.

Sauro told us that he's doubly frustrated because he is in the process of opening up another business in downtown Wareham. The property has been purchased, the sign is literally being made right now. Its name? Gateway Motors. Sauro says he's been in front of a number of different town planners and administrators for the past eight months getting approval for the build-out and licensing. No one ever suggested to him that he might want to rethink the name Gateway Motors.

Sauro has made the Wareham Gatemen an offer. He told them if the team decides to move to Sandwich that he'd still give them the $4,500 a year that he spends to sponsor the Gatemen.

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