When we first came up with the idea for Food For Tots earlier this year in the Fun 107 conference room, no one at the table would have ever dreamed that our fundraiser for SouthCoast Pediatrics would have reached this level. Honestly, I think that most of us would have been pretty excited to raise twenty or twenty-five thousand dollars.

Then a funny thing happened, we surpassed the $50,000 mark. Then, the $60,000 mark. Then we raised more than $70,000 and $80,000. When it was all said and done, and the final restaurant check was collected, we finished up this year's Food For Tots at a whopping $83,000. The money has been earmarked to support the Boston Children's Hospital pediatricians inside St. Luke's Hospital. So, whether that means paying for child life services to make our children a little more relaxed during difficult procedures, or buying teddy bears or investing in specialized equipment to enhance the direct link back to Boston Children's, one thing is for sure - children here on the SouthCoast are better off because of Food For Tots.

We can't thank the participating Food For Tots restaurants enough. Their eagerness to be a part of Food For Tots was astounding.

To anyone who went out to eat at any of our participating restaurants, you helped play a part in raising this $83,000. While we hope a child you love will never have a need to visit the Boston Children's doctors at the St. Luke's emergency room, these services will be right there waiting for you if the do need to visit.

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