We have been planning the event for weeks, and ever since the word spread that we are having our Chocolate Affair at Rachel's Lakeside, different companies have been enticing us with delicious chocolate treats non stop. One day its doughnuts, the next day cakes, then eclairs. The list goes on and on. So, for weeks its been one tasty treat after another.

BUT, that will probably all come to an end once this grand event is over. No one will remember the hungry DJ's at Fun 107 and all of these terrific businesses that serve the Southcoast all of their tasty desserts will go back to business as usual and we all will be on our own instead of having chocolate sitting on our desks on a daily basis. How sad is that? Well, the good news is that there will be one next year.

So, here is a message to all the generous companies who have been letting us sample all of this great stuff - It's NEVER too early to start your generosity for next year, Maybe Friday?