Discount shoppers will be disappointed to hear that Frugal Franks plans to shut it's doors for good this spring.

For nearly 20 years, Dawn and Frank have been operating Frugal Franks on Shove St in Fall River. But on May 1, 2020 they will be calling it quits.

I spoke with Dawn earlier today who tells me the May 1st date isn't set it stone and that they do still have a ton of inventory to get through before they can officially close up shop.

And while they try and sell all that inventory, they are still looking for interested buyers who want to take over the location and business model.

In fact Dawn tells me that though they aren't going to be ordering any more goods for the store, they are keeping all of their connections so anyone who buys the business will be able to be supplied.

As for their supplies, they are probably going to start dwindling fast.

Dawn says "we're discounting food already" and with a projected closing date just five months away, more is likely to be discounted soon.

So why are they calling it quits you might ask?

"It was a hard decision to make" Dawn said, adding "I'll miss the people the most."

But she and Frank are ready to retire and want to ensure that they do that while they can still enjoy their retirement.

More sad news comes with their retirement however. Because with Frugal Franks gone that means the annual Frugal Franks Car, Bike and Truck Show is going to be gone too.

"We may move altogether" Dawn says, so planning the yearly show isn't likely to be possible either.

Definitely sad news for families in Fall River, but an exciting time for Frank and Dawn Marie Wright.

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