On February 25th, around 11:30 PM, fire crews from New Bedford and Fairhaven battled a  blaze on Sagamore Street that left six tenants homeless. One of them was a 34 Year Old Mother who lost everything days before her birthday.

"Devastated isn't even the word," Raquelle Roposo said on her Facebook after the dust had settled. "I've lived there for 14 years with my daughter and six dogs.

Raposo was at work bartending over at Redwood Saloon when the first-floor tenant called her cell phone to warn her that her fire alarms were going off and that her door handle was hot when they touched it. Immediately, Raposo rushed to the smoke-filled house and rescued all six of her dogs from the fire.

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"I couldn’t even see an inch in front of me, but I wasn't leaving without all my dogs," she said.

Thankfully, all six tenants and dogs are okay despite the extensive damage to the apartment. Raposo is currently staying with a friend in the meantime until she gets back on her feet.

There's been an outpour of love and support from Raposo's friends and family, including a last-minute fundraiser called Raise for Raquelle has been put together down at 'The Bar' at 266 Dartmouth Street to help Raposo and her daughter Brooke. The event is on March 19th from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM and is open to the public for a $20 donation at the door.

Katrina Forsythe, Kelly DeBrito, and Leah Courtney Robichaud are spearheading the event, and Bobby Faria is donating the space to be held. There will be gift baskets, appetizers, desserts, a scratch ticket raffle, and a 50/50 to raise money and 100% of the funds will go straight to Raposo and her daughter. DJ Gazelle from Fun 107 will be donating his time as well to keep the spirits high and help raise money for the family.

"I always give back, my mother always told me to give back whenever I can and it hits differently when it's someone you love," Forsythe said, "She has nothing, her apartment is down to studs so anything at this point will help. Brooke still has dance class to pay for and competitions, we don't want her to stop doing what she loves."


Bartenders who have worked alongside Raposo are setting up donation jars with the hashtag "#BartenderStrong". Katie Almeida- a bartender over at Gumbos, is just one of many supporters of Raposo.

If you'd like to help give back but can not attend the fundraiser, all donations and gift baskets are to be dropped off at The Bar by March 11th.

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