We learned this week that Fun 107, the Southcoast's #1 Hit Music Station, was no longer going be welcome aboard the school buses in Dartmouth. After thinking about it, we have decided to not take this laying down.

We have decided to fight back, and fight back the only way we know how - social media! All we ask is that you join us in this fight against censorship. To deprive these poor children of today's biggest hits is just unfair. We might go as far to call it cruel and unusual punishment -- okay, maybe not that far.

So what does this ban mean? It means you won't be getting to hear not only some of the biggest hits in pop music, but you also can't hear J.R., Michael Rock, Larry, Neal White, Scott Reiniche, Billy Teed, Melissa, must we continue??

How you can help us fight:

  • Download the RadioPup App and listen to Fun107 on your smartphone or iPod while riding on the bus. Simple, easy, and entertaining.
  • Join our twitter campaign by putting this logo on the bottom of your twitter or Facebook profile
  • Tweet your photos of you listening to Fun 107 to us with #FreeFun107. Follow us @Fun107

Good luck, and remember this: They can take our music, but they can never take our FREEDOM!