If you are a Fun 107 fan, you are eligible for an incredible new deal from Isaksen Solar.

Homeowners that sign up with Isaksen before January 31, 2021, will get one full year of free payments. This offer is valid for Fun 107 fans ONLY, so it is super important that you ask for the Fun 107 discount by name. Only people who ask for the discount will receive it.   

It's been more than two years since I hired Isaksen Solar in Fall River to install over 50 solar panels onto my home. Since that day, I hear the same question asked nearly every time I am in public. Someone will pull me aside and ask softly, "Seriously, how are those solar panels? Really?"

My answer is always the same: "We couldn't be happier."

However, I always quickly qualify my answer. Is solar good for every home? The answer is absolutely not. But if your home is a match, getting solar panels just might be the smartest financial investment you'll make into your house. You can eliminate your energy bills! Pool? Air conditioning? It won't matter after you install solar panels.

I always encourage interested homeowners to reach out to Isaksen Solar. They'll come out to your home, take a look, and give you an honest assessment about whether or not your home is exposed to enough sunshine to make installing solar panels the right move. They'll review your energy bills to make sure your savings will be worth the investment.

Don't be surprised if Isaksen Solar visits your home and tells you it's not a good match for solar. Surprisingly, it happens all of the time. The local business prides itself on a level of integrity that is all too rare these days. This is just one of the reasons that Isaksen Solar has become one of New England's leading solar companies over the course of just a few years.

Isaksen Solar has such a deep belief in solar energy, they are dedicated to sweetening the deal enough to help as many SouthCoast homeowners as possible to "go solar."

Homeowners who sign up by January 31 will have their first 12 months of payments taken care of by Isaksen Solar. Again, this huge discount will be offered ONLY to people who ask for the Fun 107 discount. It is a limited-time opportunity. If you have ever had an interest in solar, don't miss the chance to save some serious money. You can start by clicking here to get more info.

Call Isaksen Solar for a free consultation, and get ready to say goodbye to those Eversource or National Grid bills.