Those of us that live in the Greater New Bedford area forget that the area actually features a National Historic Park.

National Historic Parks don't just include dreamy sunsets over South Dakota's Badlands or a lone white wolf in the artic. The National Historic Park's mission is to preserve natural and cultural resources so that everyone can enjoy them now and in the future.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park is located in downtown New Bedford, a lively urban setting of historic, stately buildings juxtaposed with contemporary art galleries and funky restaurants. The park is located within a 13-block historic district of cobblestone streets. At the heart of this district is the national park visitor center. - National Park Service, New Bedford Whaling

Before you let another nice day come and go, considering spending some quality time with the Whaling City on one of these great tours.

Pirates and Privateers, Fairhaven: If your kids are going through a pirate phase, this free walking tour is just the thing to excite them. Join Greybeard, Abbey, and Andrew the Powder Monkey each Friday morning at 10 a.m. from June through September and you'll learn all pirate myths, local buried treasure and even see black powder cannon firing. Aye, Matey, follow Greybeard and Companie here and learn all about their upcoming adventures.

Pirates and Privateers Walking Tour Fairhaven

Historic Architectural Tours, New Bedford: Self-guide yourself through New Bedford's most picturesque 19th century neighborhoods. You may have driven by these homes at one time or another but this is the perfect way to slow down and really take in the details of many of these homes. Thanks to the New Bedford Preservation Society, you can download a brochure and this tour can start any time that's convenient for you.

Frederick Douglass and the Underground Railroad Tour, New Bedford: This walking tour happens each weekend starting at the National Historic Park building downtown.  Visit the largest network of homes that played a crucial part in helping slaves find their freedom in the 1800s. As you may recall from History class, the Underground Railroad is neither underground nor a railroad and this tour will show you how the New Bedford community kept it a secret. Download your walking map from the New Bedford Historical Society here.

Seventeenth Street New Bedford Underground Railroad

Harbor Tour, New Bedford: Take to the water and see the New Bedford Harbor from an all-new vantage point. Whaling City Expeditions is celebrating its 20th year in business this season and ready to show you things you've likely never seen before. Take an hour-long tour of the harbor including Palmer's Island Lighthouse, Fort Phoenix, fishing boats, and more! There are four trips a day from June through September.