Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers took to the gridiron to settle who is the greatest of their generation.

Chills. Michael Jordan's performance sent chills down the spines of all New England fans, and set the atmosphere for what will end up being the only time Patriots fans will see Aaron Rodgers in Gillette Stadium. For all that it's worth, the game didn't live up to the hype. The Patriots offense couldn't step on the throat of the Packers defense until late in the game, and Rodgers was doing all that he could but still couldn't push his team over the edge. The worst crime of the whole night was having to look at those horrendous Color Rush jerseys.

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    Leave the Color Rush Jerseys in the Locker Room

    If it were up to me, the Patriots would wear their all-white-Storm-Trooper away jerseys for every single game. There's nothing more intimidating than the New England Patriots systematically picking apart the opposing team without even a stain on their all-whites. . That being said, these Color Rush blue ones just seem too Houston Texans for me to care for them. Slightly too flashy looking, which doesn't fit the New England locker room culture. I get it though, the league wants to sell more jerseys, I don't blame them.

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    TB12 is the MJ to Rodgers' LeBron

    The debate felt a bit inflated all week. On one side of the field, a five time Superbowl champion who has won nearly 80 percent of his games. On the other side is a team with a "baaaad man" who, without him, would be irrelevant. The Brady-Jordan comparison has been debated to death. But the Rodgers-James comparison is something worth looking into more. We know where the Cleveland Cavaliers are without LeBron (the bottom dwellers of the NBA), and it's starting to seem like the same case for the Green Bay Packers. Here's a fun exercise to further prove my point: name one Packer who isn't Aaron Rodgers.

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    No Gronk Does Not Equal No Problem

    It's clear that Rob Gronkowski has not been himself this year. Halfway through the season, Brady has only targeted Gronk in the red zone twice. Gronk fantasy owners screamed into a pillow as they read that he would be inactive for the Sunday night game.

    But without 87 on the field, the offense seemed to struggle. Pay no attention to the box score, watch Brady's offense throughout the game. Flea flickers, trick plays and a wide receiver posing as a running back-- this is not the normal Patriots offense. They had to pull out all the stops in order to convert on third downs and push the ball down the field. When was the last time you saw a Brady-backed offense get stopped on fourth-and-goal?

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    Tell Me Again Why 50 Cent was There?

    50 Cent, Candy Shop owner and rapper who asks 21 Questions, was seen on the sidelines of the Patriots-Packers game. It seems Vitamin Water stocks are getting low and our friend 50 has found some free time, and is choosing to spend it with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The New York native posted on his Instagram some interesting content following the game.

    I understand 50 Cent is the king of all internet trolls. He recently bought the first 200 seats at a Ja Rule concert so that his rival MC will see an empty venue his whole show. This just makes me concerned, are we too blind to see what 50 Cent will pull off next? Although, at six feet tall and 214 pounds, I could see him lining up next to Hightower. G-UNITTT