Former Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan says "bye Felicia" to the week, because Friday came early at a recent charity event.

Just waking up in the morning, got to thank God. I don't know but today seems kind of odd. Maybe it's because the former mayor of Fall River is getting his days of the week confused.

Will Flanagan spent his Tuesday like a Friday when he was alongside comedian Chris Tucker and rapper Ice Cube at the Jeffery Osborne Celebrity Classic at Foxwoods. Personally, I would have gone to this event but...

So I got to sit on my couch Tuesday night, watching as Flanagan posted to Facebook about all the fun he was having. All that was missing was a South Central Los Angeles stoop and Mr. Jones complaining that every time he's in the kitchen, Flanagan's in the kitchen.

The event helped raise funds for many different organizations helping the youth of New England, and it seems all the stars had come out. On the charity's website, it lists former Boston Celtics Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers, as well as Dr. J, Cedric the Entertainer, and of course Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. With all the sports stars in the room, it was Ice Cube who messed around and got a triple-double when he got on stage and performed his classic "It Was a Good Day."

On second thought, perhaps it was a good idea I got left off the guest list, considering partying during the work week is a

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