One of our favorite charity programs is making a comeback here at Fun 107.

Food for Tots is all about raising money to support the Friends of Jack Foundation, a local charity focused on bringing the best pediatric healthcare to the SouthCoast, making it accessible to all children regardless of the financial situation of their families.

What is the Friends of Jack Foundation? 

The Friends of Jack Foundation focuses on the whole child including their physical and mental well-being. The foundation brings Power Wheels Jeeps to local hospitals for children to drive to the operating room before a surgery.

Children in emergency departments are given stuffed bears to help reduce anxiety and sadness. First responders like police, firefighters, and EMT's are provided with Friends of Jack bears that they can use to calm children that may be witnessing upsetting events.

The Friends of Jack Foundation pays a number of salaries of child-life specialists all over the SouthCoast. These incredible people act as a liaison between the children, their families and the doctors and nurses.

What is Food For Tots?

Our favorite part of Food For Tots is that so many families can participate.  All you have to do is go out to eat today at any of our participating restaurants.  You don't have to bring anything or say anything.  Part of your bill will automatically be donated to the Friends of Jack.

Whether you are looking for a fresh breakfast to start your day or a nice dinner to end your night, these participating Food For Tots restaurants has you covered. Come be part of this opportunity to give back to the Southcoast community and it's as simple as enjoying a great meal and having fun.

June's Food For Tots Locations:

  • Tia Maria's New Bedford
  • Pub 65 New Bedford
  • Tropical Smoothie Fairhaven
  • Acushnet Creamery

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