According to new statistics from Southcoast Health, the flu has become more and more widespread in the past 5 weeks.

Bad news for germophobes like me. According to Southcoast Health, the flu virus has hit more and more Southcoast residents over the past month.  There were only 26 diagnosed cases of the flu back in mid-December.  Fast forward to yesterday, there were 331 confirmed cases of the flu for the season as of 3pm.


Dr. Robert Caldas, Chief Medical Officer for Southcoast Health, told us that he's still encouraging local residents to get their flu shot. At the very least, patients that receive the flu shot can expect weaker symptoms than patients that do not receive the preventative shot.  The shot will offer maximum benefit two weeks after receiving it.  Dr. Caldas also stressed the importance of washing your hands...often.

Below is a list of days, times and locations Southcoast Health will be offering flu shots for the rest of this month.

  • Jan 17th (10 AM-4 PM) - Seabra Supermarket
  • Jan 18th (10 AM-4 PM) - Presidential Heights Community Room
  • Jan 19th (10 AM-4 PM) - Temple Landing
  • Jan 20th (10 AM-4 PM) - Seekonk Square Mall
  • Jan 22nd (10 AM-4 PM) - YMCA New Bedford
  • Jan 23rd (10 AM-4 PM) - Brickenwood
  • Jan 25th (10 AM-4 PM) - Blue Meadows
  • Jan 29th (10 AM-4 PM) - YMCA New Bedford


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