Not everything you can order at Dunkin Donuts is on the actual menu. Turns out there are some seriously tasty drinks you can have them create just for you.

Want to mix up your Dunkin order but aren't sure what to try? People have already come up with amazing alternatives to the regular Dunkin drink orders.

1. Captain Crunch Coolatta

Simply order a strawberry coolatta, then ask them to add a shot of blueberry, raspberry and cream. Boom! A drink that tastes like Captain Crunch cereal.

2. Nutella Surprise

Love chocolate? Then this is the iced coffee drink for you. Order a mocha iced coffee with two shots of hazelnut and you get a very surprisingly chocolaty iced drink with no actual Nutella involved.

3. Cotton Candy Coolatta

Have your carnival food cravings met all summer with this blended coolatta beverage. Ask for vanilla bean and blue raspberry coolattas mixed together and you get a very sugary, refreshing drink.

4. Creamsicle Coolatta

Who doesn't love a classic creamsicle? Well you can get one any day you want at Dunkin. Simply order a coolatta mix of vanilla bean and orange and you've got an ice cream treat in a cup.

5. Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Iced beverages not your thing? How about a decadent hot chocolate instead? Ordering a regular Dunkin hot chocolate with a shot or two of raspberry gives your drink some new dimension.

Clearly there are lots of drink options not on the menu at Dunkin, but totally within your reach.

If you can think of a flavor combination, Dunkin can probably make the dream come true.

And if you do create something totally new and delicious, share it with us so we can try it too!

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