With another arctic blast hitting the Southcoast this weekend you may be thinking it would be warmer in Siberia! And you wouldn't be far off.

It is COLD here in Southeastern Massachusetts...but how cold is it? Here are some surprising cities where you could actually go to warm up a bit this weekend.


  • 1

    Moscow, Russia

    When you think Russia, you usually think cold. (at least I do)

    But believe it or not it is much warmer in Moscow right now than it is here on the Southcoast.

    While we deal with a high of 9 degrees on Saturday, Moscow residents will be much warmer enjoying a high of 37 degrees.

    They'll be seeing a wintry mix of sleet and snow though, so at least we have sun right now.

  • 2

    Great Wall, Antarctica

    Yup, it's actually warmer in Antarctica right now.

    That'll be a fun fact you can use all weekend long to complain about the cold!

    Most of Antarctica is seeing highs in the mid to low 30s all weekend long.

    Much warmer than we're getting, which may be a good argument for having that pet penguin I've always wanted!

  • 3

    Anchorage, Alaska

    You don't have to travel the world to see temperatures colder than our neck of the woods.

    There are plenty of notoriously chilly cities right here in the U.S., including Anchorage, Alaska...which is going to have a high of 25 degrees this Saturday.

    Nearly triple our high temp!

  • 4

    Fargo, North Dakota

    If you've seen the movie or TV show, you know Fargo is super cold.

    In fact it just got out of the negative degree highs to make things warmer than we'll be this Saturday.

    They'll see what will probably feel like a balmy 15 degrees while we top out in the single digits.

  • 5

    Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

    One of the more northern cities in Canada, they are seeing some snow through Friday night, but still manage to stay warmer than the Southcoast.

    Their snowstorm will be followed by highs in the mid to upper teens, but better than our negative six overnight Saturday!

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