With its all star cast, fantastic storyline and big name sports stars, who isn't going to want to see '80 For Brady' when is drops in 2023? If you were at all on the fence about seeing this movie, the trailer is sure to have you buying tickets as early as you can.

When we first learned about this delightful film about four friends in their 80s who travel to see the Patriots play in the now historic Super Bowl LI, it was because Twitter was freaking out over the sight of Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Julien Edelman all suited up and together again last spring.

Now we know that Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field and Rita Morena are the real stars of this delightful film and as the trailer shows, they are hilarious together.

I love how they have the actresses doing the classic football lineup announcements at the start and that they all really shoutout schools they attended in the past.

I honestly cannot wait for this film to be released on February 3, 2023.

You gotta love the timing of this one too. Super Bowl LI was played February 5, 2017, so I assume this date was picked because it was the closest Friday to that date.

Plus with this season's Super Bowl being played on February 12, this movie has perfect timing being the off weekend between Championship games and the "Big Game."

Clearly they are gearing up for a big premiere weekend, though I'm sure Tom Brady hopes he has other things going on at that time.

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