If you were hoping that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had a change of heart about selling their Brookline home and moving out of Massachusetts, you'll be disappointed.


I love interior design. I love the "fixer-upper" HGTV shows and all things Paul Chaisson Interior Designer. So when I came across Tom and Gisele's home listing and saw that this time around they are actually showing the inside of the home, I couldn't click fast enough.

Let me tell you, what a treat sliding from one room to the next, over and over again. The home is absolutely beautiful. Flawless. As it should be, though; I mean he's a celebrity athlete and she's a supermodel and they can really afford anything they want.

Beth Dickerson via realtor.com

But I'm not mad at that, I admire the design of the home and the style is very Gisele. You can tell she had a lot to do with every single room in this house – I mean, mansion. I see gorgeous Buddha statues, running waterfalls, eclectic light fixtures and window treatments, lots of wall length floor-to-ceiling windows with natural light beaming through and endless clean and crisp lines and space in every angle of the rooms. It's truly breathtaking.

Beth Dickerson via realtor.com
Beth Dickerson via realtor.com

Beth Dickerson is the Boston-based real estate agent handling the sale of the estate. The home is listed for $33.9 million and is said to be worth every penny. The Bradys had originally listed the home at $39 million a year ago and have come down quite a bit since then. You can see all the photos inside and out right here.

All I can say is, wow, the home is absolutely gorgeous.

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