At around 4:15 p.m., a local woman was at the Dollar General on Church Street in New Bedford (we're withholding her name to keep her from any visits from the Men in Black) when her 13-year-old looked up and noticed something strange in the sky.

There, falling in the sky, was a fiery ball of light.

Contributed Photo

"It was much further (away)," she said. "Definitely not a lantern. A plane close to me was smaller than that, (so) that was further (away)."

She estimated it may have been over Dartmouth.

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Another woman captured this video footage of the object:

We also received this footage from another local woman:

It appears that people all over the SouthCoast were seeing these fireballs in the sky, as evidenced by the comments on Facebook. We've come to the conclusion that they were actually the Leonid meteors that are over our area right now. What do YOU think it is? Sound off under this story on our Facebook page.