With back-to-school shopping in full swing, many kids are getting new fidget spinners for the new year. But there are some safety tips for these tiny toys.

After several reports of fires and choking incidents, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued some safety tips for fidget spinners.

First and foremost, keep fidget spinners away from kids under 3 years old.

The spinners have small parts that can break off during use and become a choking hazard for young kids. Older kids are being affected as well. There are reports of children up to 14 choking on small pieces or batteries from their fidget spinners.

Warn all kids to keep their fidget spinners away from their face. In case any of these small pieces to break off, they will be less likely to become a choking hazard if the spinner is away from your face.

Battery operated fidget spinners can pose a fire risk.

Always be present when batteries are charging and NEVER charge your fidget spinner overnight while you sleep.

Use the cable that came with your fidget spinner to charge it to reduce fire risk. If it did not come with it's own charger, make sure to use one with the proper connections.

Unplug your fidget spinner from the charger as soon as it is done charging completely.

Several fidget spinners recalls have been issued by the CPSC, but it's not keeping these toys off the store shelves or out of kids hands.

Teach your kids how to be safe with their spinners as they head back-to-school.

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