For my first Hip Trip, I rode the wave of excitement (otherwise known as the Green Line) to Fenway Park. In theory, Opening Day is the best game of the year: The Sox are rebooting. Fenway is pristine. The Yankees are in last place.

But who can afford the price of tickets these days? (Not me!) Here’s how to get all the perks of Fenway without all the costs:

TSM/Courtney Petrouski

FENWAY FRANKS—Sausage carts line Lansdowne Street hours before game time and their fare—which I lovingly refer to as “street meat”—comes with all the taste and twice the character as its Fenway counterpart.

TSM/Courtney Petrouski





BEER ME—Baseball and brews are one of nature’s most excellent pairings, and no one should be denied their pleasure for a mere lack of game tickets. There are nearly 15 bars that touch Fenway and even more within walking distance. If you can snag a seat at Bleacher Bar, the only bar inside the Green Monster, you won’t need to worry about finding a spot near a TV; you’ll have the real thing right in front of you. For free.

TSM/Courtney Petrouski





RED SOX NATION—Possibly the greatest part of being at Fenway on Opening Day is being surrounded by fellow diehards to cheer (and heckle) the home team together. Luckily, the bars and the streets are crawling with Sox fans before, during, and after the game. I, alone, was part of four spontaneous “YANKEES SUCK” chants.

Granted, there’s no match for a seat in the park. But coming up and hearing and feeling the game from the outside is definitely worth a drive up.

 Photos and article by Fun 107 contributor Courtney Petrouski