Every year I hear the same people say the same thing after eating an absurd amount of food on Thanksgiving.

"I shouldn't have eaten that much, I'm going to gain like a zillion pounds."

Some hyperbole, yes, BUT honestly, overeating once in a blue moon will not hurt your diet in any significant way. This is what Thanksgiving is about anyway (excluding giving thanks obviously).

First off, don't stress it, seriously, stress has been scientifically proven to make your body be much more stingy when it comes to shrinking fat cells (fun fact: you can't actually get rid of fat cells without surgery, they just shrink).

If you live life to stingy, you're proven to end up quitting your healthy "diet", cheat days are a must in anyones life, whether you're super into fitness or not.

I'm sure you loved every second of devouring every food particle on your plate haha, so don't sweat it, go back to life as normal, and this day of overeating won't haunt you, that's what Halloween was for (bad pun, I know).

Image Via: thedailybeast.com

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